I love futurama, if for no other reason than it gives me great blog titles.  I’m now at 36 weeks.  Still have a migraine.  The appointment today went well, if not faster than I’d like.  I guess I got used to having a midwife with the boys.  She would sit down during our appointment and actually look at me and talk to me and ask if I had questions and not make me feel rushed.  As much as I like my doctor as a person, and his bedside manner is definitely not the worst I’ve ever seen, I still feel a tad rushed.

We did the test you do for whatever infection at 36 weeks.  Like I said, it was rushed, but I do remember doing it with the boys.  If you have the infection they put you on antibotics before the birth.

We talked about my migraines and he referred me to a nuerologist and refilled Vicodin.  I’ve been to this neurologist and he’s probably got the award for worst bedside manner.  I asked the receptionist to hold off on the referal, I’m sure the migraines will be better after Evie is born and my hormones settle down.

We planned an ultrasound for next week.  Evie was measuring big a few weeks ago at the last ultrasound, and since the boys were big, hopefully we can have Evie sooner than September 18th.  A big baby + migraines should = inducing early in my book.  At this point where I’ve had a migraine daily for the last 6 months or so, I’m all for having the baby early.

I stopped on the way home to take some photos at the overlook.  My doctor is a half an hour up the hill from me and the view is lovely.



Now for some less artsyphotos.

The boys had their first day of school yesterday.  They had a blast and so far like it so much better than their old school.  classroom

Books for Zane in 3rd grade.  Sean and I laughed to ourself about the cursive book.  You learn cursive, use it for 3 or 4 years then never really use it again.  Zane has been reading since he was 1 and the only way to hide things was to write in cursive.  I guess that is out now.


This year Zane can chose an elective.  He was thinking about music or drama.  And after school he was thinking about dropping kung fu – which he’s done for 2 years now – and being in the chess club.  Sometimes I really worry that he is going to be teased and beat up.  He’s too smart and sensitive for his own good.  The teeny girl in pink behind him is his step-sister.


This is Zane’s teacher this year.  Pregnancy brain attacks!  I can’t remember her name.  She was very nice and he really seems to like her so far.


Drew’s classroom theme this year is handy helper.  Here he is cutting out his hand.  It was very amusing to see 3 or 4 parents actually cut out their child’s hand for them.  Amusing and sickening.  By the time your child is in 1st grade it is definitely time to step back and let them tie their own shoes and wipe their own bottoms.


Drew’s first grade teacher is also his step-mother.  Funny how much they look alike!  But trust me, he’s definitely my child!  I have been very blessed that my ex-husband had such great taste, Kristi is the sweetest kindest woman I have ever met.  We get along great and her being part of the family has allowed us to stay a family.  The ex and I cannot talk, at all.  If it weren’t for her, visitation and child rearing would be a daily struggle.  We’re all really excited that Drew has her for a teacher.


The school mascot wandering around the campus.

It’s time to go get a pedicure!