I ran into a photo I took, rife with morning sickness and sleeplessness, way back at week 12

12 weeks

Fast forward to today’s photo, rife with sinus infection, at 35 weeks.


Ugh, I’m so ready to be done. So very ready for Evie to be here.

Sinus infection has gotten worse. I keep waiting for it to get better. The boys were supposed to come home today, but I’m terrified I will get them sick and they will miss the first day of school. So they are going to stay with their daddy awhile longer. 😦 I miss them lots.

What were we doing 35 weeks ago?

Well besides that, sickos!

We were actually in Las Vegas getting married. That’s right, Evie is due exactly 9 months to the day of our wedding. Since our “monthaversary” is Saturday, I wanted to share a few photos. Sadly, all the photos are on a harddrive that’s not currently in a computer, so what I have to share is limited.

Here’s our engagment photo, taken by then 7 year old Zane. Sean really is happy, don’t let the face fool you.


We decided to go to Vegas. I didn’t want a big wedding, and since my parents were paying and they go to Vegas all the time and get special treatment, it sounded good to me!

We got married at the Excalibur, in medival costumes. It was a lot of fun. Sadly again, those photos are available atm. Here’s one my Aunt took after the ceremony.


I got in a bit of street photography (my favorite kind) while we were there.


We stayed at the Luxor, with these fun statues out front.


Knitting News

I should hopefully be finished with the pinwheel sweater today. We’ll have to see, sickness may take precedent. Here’s a taste of some of the colors. Very… fall-ish?