nursing cover


Andrew holds Evie while Zane helps support her head.  They love being big brothers and when they are at their daddy’s house they call to talk to her.


While it is true Daddy has big feet, Evie is so tiny!


Thanks to Daddy, Evie gets a head start at being a gamer girl.


Every little girl needs a Raggedy Ann.


Grandma Carrie holds Evie while Daddy fills out her baby book.

Overall things are going well, today is Daddy’s first day back at work and he sure looked sad to leave us.  15 minutes after he left Evie rolled over!  Not even two weeks old, what a strong baby!

I promise to have knitting pictures soon!


Good news! The boys had reading placement tests this week, to see what groups they should be in. I was a tad worried about Andrew, he can read but he never showed us how well till this week. My little 1st grader is reading at a level most 3rd graders read halfway through the year. His teacher/stepmom said he only missed two words, one was frightening and… I can’t remember the other. Andrew was telling Evie (or more accurately, my tummy) that she needs to be born soon, he’s ready to teach her how to read!

Zane, no one was worried about him. He’s been reading since he was one. Yes, one. Amazing stuff. He was very proud to tell me that even though he is in 3rd grade he reads better than most 11th graders. That’s right, Zane reads at a level almost 3 times higher than what he should. I am one proud mommy!

boys Smart AND cute!

They come home from their Daddy’s house tomorrow. I can’t wait. I miss them while they are gone. Never thought I would be one of those people sharing kids and having to schedule all that mess. But we’re all a LOT happier now.

Pregnancy News

Not much to report really. I had a lot of contractions yesterday, for an hour there it was every 5 minutes. Evie is such a tease. I wasn’t too excited cause I knew it is still a tad early at 36 weeks. But they are at least every hour or so, if not more often. I could have this baby now and be perfectly happy.

Heartburn has been a bitch and a half this week. I never had it with the boys!

The same thing with morning sickness. I threw up once with Andrew and never with Zane. I threw up twice this week alone! Whoever said morning sickness is just for mornings and early pregnancy is NUTS! (I threw up at night and I’m 36 weeks, there goes those theories!) So many things are different about this pregnancy. I wonder if it’s cause it is a girl this time, or cause it’s a different daddy or just cause I’m 30 instead of in my 20s. Maybe a combination of all 3.

Still have a migraine, but after 6 months straight, I dunno, I kinda get used to it I guess?

Evie’s nursery is pretty much done. I’d repainted a few months ago from ugly bright brick red to a pretty mint green. I washed all her clothes and sorted them into age groups. I got a rocking chair, boppy pillow, changing table, basinette (for our room) newborn diapers. All that’s really left is to move the furniture and move sophie’s litterbox and food. I need to pack my suitcase and get some lanolin and nursing pads. Every time I think I’m all ready I realize there is more to do!

Have you seen these nursing covers? i got one as a gift yesterday! The woman who did my pedicure and I were talking about nursing and she asked me if I had one, I said no, I’ll just use my baby sling (which I am dying to use, hurry up Evie!). I guess she really likes them cause she brought me a very cool orange one! What a nice surprise. The pattern is sadly not on that site(though the ones that are there are just as great), but it is so awesome I plan to use it for something else once Evie is done nursing.
Knitting News

I’m working on a secret surprise. It’s nothing spectacular, but I don’t want to share till it’s done cause if it doesn’t work or looks silly I’ll be embarassed!

I also got yarn for another pinwheel sweater.


The “white” is really more of a grey, so it will be a pretty grey/purple/pink for Evie. If I need more yarn, I’ll finish it with some of the cream that is left over from the first pinwheel I made.