DH spent the weekend making bamboo flutes with the guys.  He deserved a break from diaper duty.


My mother, a lifelong flute plater, says his flute sounds wonderful.  He is so proud.


dear boku,

it’s not you, it’s me.

actually, i take that back, it’s totally you.  first you didn’t cooperate with a scarf pattern, then you messed up my “around the world bag”, then to insult me, you totally destroyed Knitty’s beautiful foilage.  I know I really shouldn’t but I’m going to give you one more chance, then I swear I’m kicking you to the curb.  I mean it this time! I just hope all this tension and strain doesn’t break you.

love, me.


We took evie on her first long walk this weekend.  We took her in the stroller since it was such a long one and Daddy wanted to push her.

evie had her 2 week well baby today.  homebirth = earlier appts evidently.  she  still hasn’t gained her birth weight back (6lbs4ozs today down from 6lbs11oz) but her reflexes were fantastic.  Dr is not at all worried and says she’s so strong and active she may be burning calories faster than she is eating.  He wants me to nurse her only every two hours, no sooner.  Seems counterintuitive to me.  I’ll try it out I guess, but i’d rather feed her when she wants to eat.

Sorry for the messy typing. sometimes it’s hard with a nursing baby on y0ur lap!


I see so many people talk about podcasts they listen to.  Are you one of those people? What podcasts do you listen to regularly?  What do you like about them? I’d like to check some out, so… reccommendations anyone?

Where do you knit?  Are you an ‘in public” knitter?  Do people have strange comments for you?  Since I’m on a modified bedrest I don’t go out too often lately, but the last time was when I had to do the blood glucose gestational diabetes test and wait in the waiting room for an hour.  I was working on piggle actually.  Several really nice older ladies said it was nice to see a young woman knitting.  Do you get good comments or bad ones?  Or both!

Last but not least, what’s on your needles right now?  I’d like to see!


Piggle, as modeled by DH’s monkey.  I made piggle for my sons’ step-sister/ex-husband’s adopted daughter.  Families are so confusing nowadays!  At any rate, I didn’t feel comfortable posting photos of her on the net so the monkey helpfully stepped in.

Pattern: Piggle by Knitty

Yarn: Lion’s Brand Baby Soft in White

Needles: size 2  DPNs

Modifications:  120 stitches seemed huge!  I never gauge, I know I really should.  I cut the stitches down to 100 as she’s a year and a half old and the pattern says toddler to adult can wear the same size.  Not the way I knitted it.  To place the holes (which you sadly can’t see since monkey has no hair) I worked 20 stitches instead of 25 and to shape the crown and do the decrease I just sort of randomly worked with the pattern as I went along.  I did 12 rows of decreases instead of 18.  Surprisingly, even with all that, it still turned out.  I’m pretty impressed.


Now the question remains, will B wear it?  She pulls hats right off, so we figured if her hair was sticking through it will be harder to take off.

On the needles now:  a newborn hat for Evie.  I’m playing around with different stitches and generally winging it.  That means that I’ve started and restarted it at least 4 times now,  but at least I’m learning how different stitches go together.  Also my MIL’s scarf.  I haven’t felt like picking it up lately.

 The Park

The boys and I enjoyed the cooler weather and took off to the park yesterday, after a quick stop at the farmer’s market for watermelon honey.


When the boys were younger, strangers would ask me if they had different fathers.  I always thought that was pretty rude, I’d never ask a perfect stranger something so personal!  But to answer once and for all, yes, they do.  Drew got my fair skin and freckles.  He’s such a wild child, class clown, noisy little boy.  He makes me laugh hysterically.  He had a rougher time with the divorce, being younger.  He has a lot of emotional growing to do.

He also has a difficult time comparing himself to Zane.  Zane is a genius.  Quite literally.  It’s hard for Andrew because his brother is so smart and witty and charming.  Drew needs to find his place and who he is and stop trying to be like his brother.  I pray it happens soon, it’s too hard to go through life as it is without feeling like you aren’t measuring up.  Compared to kids his age, Drew is very smart – farther ahead in reading than anyone in his class.  He makes up jokes on the fly.  I wish he could see his good things, more than he sees his bad.


Zane is much more photogenic – in that he will stand still for a photo.  So I generally have more of him.  He got his daddy’s darker skin and hair.  He’s going into 3rd grade on the 20th.  Where did the time go?!  It used to be when I was talking about my baby I was talking about him.  Now “baby” means the one in my tummy.  Zane is a terrific big brother, he was talking to Evie and telling her to hurry and be born so he could read to her and teach her to read and how to do baby sign language.  He’s very sensitive and it is difficult to be the the smart sensitive boy.  He is a yellow belt in Kung Fu so at least he can protect himself if the bullies pick on him.  His step-mother teaches at his school and she says his 3rd grade class is full of little boys just like him.  I’m relieved, last year it was all little jocks who didn’t seem to want to play with him.  I hope this year will bring him a lot of new friends.



Ta-da!  Monkey is finally done!  Seems like this took forever!  Probably only about a week of knitting here and there, but still…

They turned out too big.  Not huge slipping off the foot big, but still a bit too big.  They are pretty comfy at least.


Pattern: Monkey by Knitty

Yarn:  Chocolate Cherry by Soxx Appeal

Size 2 DPNs

Next time, if there is a next time, I would either go down a size or two in needles or cut down on the stitches.

I think socks are off my list for awhile.  Something about it annoys me.  I haven’t figured out what yet.   For now I am working on Piggie, also by Knitty for my sons’ step-sister…


and still cracking along on the scarf for the MIL


I bought yarn to make R2-D2 hats for the boys, so add that to the list.  First though I think I really need to finish up some things for Evie.  She will be here before we know it!


Did the glucose test today.  It wasn’t as bad as I remember from 6 years ago.  Of course, back then I had to drink orange sugar.  This time it was lemon-lime sugar.  Spent the hour knitting in the waiting area burping up lemon-lime.  Gross.  I also checked my blood pressure and it was in the 80s instead of 90s.  Im guessing it was just high the last two times because of the migraine.  I think I will go and check it again tomorrow.  My hands and feet are swollen and I know that is a sign of pre-eclampsia.  Course, it’s also a sign of pregnancy so who knows.


Blossom is finished!

Model: Beary, Zane’s Bear (since Evie is still in my tummy she makes a terrible model)

Pattern: Blossom by Magknits

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby D.K. in Sage

This is my first big blocking and seaming FO and it could have gone better. I didn’t check my gauge so it will not fit size 0-3. She will have something to grow into. It looks pretty crummy on the bear, but I didn’t make it bear-size. Also I somehow reversed the side ribbing so it isn’t in the front, it is actually on the side. Still really not sure how I managed that. I think I would like to try this pattern again. I just didn’t want to frog it, I wanted to feel some sense of accomplishment. Let’s call this a run-through, shall we?

I knit a little flower and pinned it on.  Thank goodness I didn’t sew it on cause it’s awful.  I’ll figure something out.  I’m not sure enough of my embroidery skills to risk that just yet.

blocking blossom

It was so scary throwing this in the tub! Don’t mind the dirty tub, alright? I can’t bend over that far to clean it anymore.

blocking blossom 2

All pinned up and waiting to be pretty. I actually pinned it to the baby’s changing pad on her changing table. I didn’t have any other board, so that will have to be next on my shopping list.

blossom attack

I pinned her down and covered her with a towel. The next morning I realized the only clean towel in the house was covering blossom! Not thinking much of it, I uncovered her and left her open to attack. Poor thing. I managed to fix it and learned a valuable lesson, don’t let Sophie near knitting!

Some WIPs

monkey wip

Here’s a terrible picture of the Monkey socks. Also, I put them on upside-down! Silly me. I like to think these will turn out alright, but as they are my first real sock, who knows. They seem a little big. It is a fun project though so at least I am learning.


My Mother-In-Law asked that I make her a scarf for her Xmas present. I literally spent days experimenting with patterns finding one I could keep track of and not mess up and also that I was proud of. I settled on this Seafoam Scarf. I’m really liking the way it knits up, its pretty and easy!


I don’t think it will wait till Xmas though. Winter is short here in California, and if I wait till the end of December she will have maybe two months to wear it. It gets chilly in October, how about a Halloween present?

Pregnancy News

I am 33 weeks, almost 34. I have insomnia when I am not pregnant and it is so much worse this far along. My neighbors are college students and it seems they just returned to town for school as they are so loud. 4 am and their stereo woke me up. I had just fallen asleep too. I laid in bed and cried for an hour till I passed out. The boys are with their father this week so at least there is less work to do around the house. They are going camping this weekend, no cell phones, so I can’t even talk to them. I miss them.

Evie is quite a kicker, mover and shaker. You’d think this far along she wouldn’t have enough room to get any good kicks in, but you, and I, would be wrong. She definitely has a personality already. Fiesty thing! I know there is a lot of pregnancy amnesia that happens after the baby is born but I honestly don’t remember either of the boys being so busy and moving so often. I have a feeling Evie will be a handful.

Besides the migraines, which are nearly constant, I can’t complain too much. I have migraines often even when I’m not pregnant. My hands are swollen, but a lot of that has to do with knitting as well. I think I am enjoying this pregnancy a lot more than the other two. I had to be on bedrest with the boys for the entire 9 months. This one hasn’t had many problems so it’s just a modified bedrest. I have been having a lot of contractions lately. They are random and not in any pattern so I just lay down and drink a lot of water. Doc isn’t worried so I guess I am not either.

Evie is a big baby, just like her brothers. They were both induced two weeks early since they were so big. Both over 8 pounds. Two weeks early! She has long legs and is measuring a few weeks big. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be induced again. That would mean 5 weeks to go. It sure went by fast.

Evie is due Sept 18. All I care is that she isn’t born on the 11th. I would hate to share my birthday with a day full of news about the terrible terrorist attacks. My mom says it wouldn’t be that big of a deal and I’m worrying about nothing. Oh well. Mommies worry.

I think I’ve rambled enough and it’s time to save my hands for knitting.

tutorial sock starter
Yesterday I started learning how to knit socks. I did silver’s sock tutorial which I highly recommend. So easy to follow! I cheated a bit and only did an inch or so of each step. I didn’t want a sock, just wanted to learn the steps. So now I want to make Knitty’s Monkey sock, as suggested by the fantastic knitters at Crafster. Mnemosyne_LA started hers last night, in the same exact yarn I had planned to use. How weird is that!

yarn and dpns

I splurged today and got a set of 5 size 2 rosewood dpns and some other yarn since I’m afraid I might not have enough. Here’s my two color choices so far. I might have to go with the reddish, because I have more yards of that and the only store that has the green is 30 mins away and I won’t be there again till my next OB appointment. The reddish is Soxx Appeal Chocolate Cherry. The greenish is Crystal Palace Bamboozle in Fern.


Sophie likes to sit on my lap and watch me knit. She’s generally pretty good about not attacking the yarn or the needles. She’s 16ish weeks, and a very good kitty. Thats my start of yarnfwd bonnet. It’s filled with M1s and I am having a hard time with them. I may not finish this one.

Today I’m finishing the thumbless mittens, starting a monkey sock and teaching my 8 year old how to knit. Should be an exciting day!


My next project I think will be this beautiful baby dress for Evie.  It’s blossom from Magknits.   I just saw some of this yarn at the shop today and wanted to find a project for it, but 3 balls = about $27.  It may have to wait awhile, or I may just substitue something not as nice.  I’ll have to think on that.

Knitty’s Fetching Finished

Originally uploaded by lhawi

Well, here’s the FO! And a nice shot of baby Evie as well, since I don’t have a recent tummy photo. Kill two birds with one stone, eh?

The sad part is I made one shorter than the other. Hah! No one will notice once a coat is on top of them… right?

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