In truth, this is just another chance to show of my Evie.


But since she came so early, everything I had made for her was way too big! I knit up a premie sized hat real fast. Even the store bought hats were too big.

hat side

Here’s the specs:

Pattern: Twinkle Premie Hat

Needles: size 4

Yarn: sorry, don’t know! A very thin soft yarn that matches one of the few NB outfits that fits her

Mods: Instead of 8 repeats, I only did 5 or 6, I know it says premie hat, but even with just these few repeats taken out it is still a little big.

She was a little camera shy today. Plus her skin is peeling and red still. Someday she will be pretty!


knitna krd

This gave me a giggle, but really, have you tried knitting while naked? Don’t your breasts get in the way? Or is that just me being 9 months pregnant?

Thanks everyone who has commented lately, it’s given me something to smile about. I try to go back to everyone’s blogs, because I have no idea how to directly reply to anyone. I know it’s possible but it seems to escape me. Any tips?

I’ve finished the body of the seamless yoke baby sweater.

(funny stuff, I did a search for the link, on the office computer, had a typo and got this:
Did you mean: shameless york baby sweat? Why no, not really. I don’t even want to know what that means!)

Anyways, the sweater is cute. I messed up a bit on the end, but all that means is it’s a bit longer than it should be. The directions just kinda assume you know how many rows are between buttons and such. Also um, I did the sleeves differently, using my favorite way of doing sleeves. I’m not sure it will work. And then there’s the fact that I ran out of yarn and I don’t have $8 to get more. Or money for buttons. So I have a sleeveless cape type thing! It’s cute none-the-less. And a good way to occupy myself during this miserable week.


It just looks wrong though doesn’t it? I mean besides the fact that there’s no arms. And it needs blocking. I dunno, I’m getting stressed, it looks funky! I feel I should frog it, what do you think?


Closeup of bottom details and buttonholes. I love the yarn, debbie bliss cashmerino. But it just looks wrong! Am I crazy?

So way back a month ago I started some thumbless no-scratch mittens for Evie (who am I kidding, all I make is things for Evie!) Well I didn’t finish them because I just was iffy on the yarn and the colors. Last night after the Princess Leia bonnet finished I started on a new set of mittens. I haven’t bought any for her and I realize I can use socks, but why do that when I can keep my mind and hands busy and just make her some?


It’s not the best yarn, Bernat softee baby. But at least it is multi-colored and will match almost all her outfits, right? All I can do is knit from my stash for awhile.

I really need to make some things for my boys. They are 8 and 6 and all I really have left in my stash is a small bit of wool and a lot of acrylic. I was thinking mittens? Any one have any ideas?

Pregnancy stuff

I thought I was in back labor last night. It was terrible. I tried to take a shower but some godforsaken reason we didn’t have any water pressure. WHY? DH has carpal tunnel, he did his best to do some massage but he was in a lot of pain too. I tried to just go to sleep between the contractions that are constant (which, I dunno, do you have contractions during back labor? In the front I mean?) but not in any pattern whatsoever. I got into bed around 930, knew it was a bad idea, and sure enough the restless legs kicked in. All I wanted to do was call the doctor and demand he take this baby out! Luckily I stayed sane and just tried to get through the night. I got an hour or two of sleep, woke up to knit and watch hell’s kitchen (don’t tell me what happens I’m not caught up yet! And was there not a new Top Chef this week?!). Kill time, kill time, kill time. Never heard back from the receptionist about my high blood pressure and swelling, and they are closed today and Monday. Well, the doctor works at a free clinic today, maybe someone will be in the office.

Tuesday looks so far off!

heat It’s a terrible photo I know but it makes the point.  It’s supposed to be 103 degrees today.  Ugh! This is my car parked in the shade.  I can’t wait for fall 😦

I just love Star Wars. It was the first movie I ever saw (of course I was a month old at the time). We used to play that our bikes were millenium falcon and that stinky kid we didn’t like was Darth Vader. I was Princess Leia, of course, being the only girl in our group of friends.

My boys, now 8 and 6, beg to watch Star Wars. They learned to play chess with Star Wars Chess. The first toy we got for Evie was Darth Tater. I desperately want the AT-AT stroller. You the see the trend, right?

So I got the crazy idea to make a baby bonnet for Evie that looked like Princess Leia. As I lie awake at night wishing for sleep these are the strange things that go through my head. A few days later and we have her Princess Leia Baby Bonnet.


Modeled by the ever helpful but unfortunately not baby-sized helper monkey.

Pattern: My Own, I’ll try to write it out if anyone is interested.

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in chocolate. Since it was a trial I don’t mind using leftover acrylic yarn.

Needles: Size 6 straights and size 4 DPNs for the buns.


I used ribbon to tie it, but I think I’d prefer an i-cord.

My husband asked what I was making last night. When I told him, he just rolled his eyes. Of course, he’s the one who hasn’t stopped wearing this, even in 100+ degree weather.


Pregnancy News: Still waiting to hear about the blood test results. I had high blood pressure and swelling, so we did more tests. I called today and they were going to look for the results. I guess if they were worried they’d be a little more… worried? It’s a 4 day weekend for them, so I hope everything was alright. I guess we will find out tuesday morning at our 38 week appointment. Edit: the receptionist called just as I got done typing. She can’t get the lab on the phone. I tell her about my very swollen hands and feet and that I’m a tad worried, she’s going to try again to get someone on the phone cause they haven’t gotten the results. We shall see.

Here it is, in all it’s glory! Yes, I look goofy. The pattern is a combination of a craftster and megaknits pattern. I also used white instead of the called-for grey. Grey just doesn’t look right to me.


It’s too big for my head, which is great since it’s for my husband. I wanted to get it done while he is out of town and he will be home in about 2 hours so good timing! I just need to stick it on his head and see if I need to pick up even more stitches for his huge head before I seam it up.

Now I need to make one for me and the boys!

The yarn was Vanna’s Choice – I’m no yarn snob!  And this was nice to work with actually – except the red which was just some scrap yarn.  I’d say this took about 20ish hours to do.

This was my second attempt at this hat actually. The first one was a complete disaster. My first attempt at intrasiam and I failed miserably. I also tried to knit it entirely in the round. I also used random yarns of different ply and size.


It doesn’t even fit helper monkey! It came out lumpy and misshapen.

r2d2 monkey2

So it was definitely time to restart and do it the way it’s called for in the pattern. Here’s the restart.


So far so good! The little red eye looks like a heart for some reason.

r2d2 mid2

Sophie certainly approves.

r2d2 sophietoo

The mess of the back. My gosh, that was a lot of seaming up lose ends. Something tells me most people do it differently or no one would ever change colors.

r2d2 messy2

In other knitting news…


I went and got the needles for the pinwheel sweater. While at the LYS I couldn’t resist this yarn. It was on sale! Time to CO the pinwheel sweater and count the minutes till DH gets home!

DH Sean is out of town till Monday night. His ma and brother took him to Texas to go to a water park. Sounds great till you realize we live in CA! Travis, the brother, has been wanting to go to this water park since he was 5 and he turned 18 this year and what with him going to college and Sean getting married and expecting his first child, his mom decided it would be a good idea for them to go on vacation one last time. It’s funny, I wasn’t invited last year when this was planned. Her excuse now is that I’m too pregnant. Well I wasn’t pregnant last year! Oh well. It’s just very lonely and quiet without DH around. I did sleep rather well without his snoring, but I’d take his snoring over a cold bed anyday.

They left super early Sat morning. DH kissed me goodbye as I was half asleep and said his mother had left me a present on the counter for when I woke up. Well I couldn’t go back to bed after that! I went out and found a big wrapped box. The card said, “Baby Shower in a Box”


Well how cool is that! I expected a few outfits and maybe a blanket, boy was I ever in for a treat. Here’s the list of what was in the box:

5 bibs
1 blanket
4 socks
3 tights
2 bottles (which I have no plans to use but thats ok)


1 sunblock
2 pants
2 blue outfits
2 Christmas outfits
2 3-piece outfits
1 pink jumper

I was just floored. That’s so much! When DH called last night I told him about it. He said his mom had been planning it for months now and spent about $400. Holy cow! What a grandma! Sadly, I know I took photos of the clothes, but they seem to have disappeared. I’m terribly confused about that, and since I’m nuerotic about washing new clothes, they are already in the wash.

As if that wasn’t enough, my mom came down and we went shopping. I had mentioned earlier in the week here in this blog that I didn’t have a basinet or somewhere for the baby to sleep besides our bed. So mom got me a Graco Pack and Play that has a basinet/changing table in it.


That’s definitely going to come in handy. The she too decided Evie needed clothes and such. So mom bought:

5 side-snap shirts
1 brown courderoy jacket
1 denim-jumper
1 green outfit
4 socks
4 recieving blankets
1 baby book


The photo doesn’t do it justice, but the jacket is the most adorable thing ever. I want one for me!

Evie is so spoiled and she isn’t even born yet! I suppose that comes from being the first girl on both sides of the families in this generation. My boys got plenty of gifts, but this weekend was overwhelming. The good news is I’m not worried now. We have everything we need for the first few weeks. 96 newborn diapers, she won’t even get through those. I do need lanolin and nursing pads. I forgot to grab those yesterday. Oops!

I did manage to grab this!


11 balls of yarn! I love my mommy. One ball was in use and couldn’t be added to the photo, plus it would have messed up my pyramid. I discovered this pinwheel sweater by Elann. I’m dying to make it! RippedoffKnitter made one in adult size and it is just gorgeous, go see!


Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a big project for me and I’m so nervous. I want it to turn out well! Unfortunately I’m missing all the needles I need. Tomorrow will be another shopping trip for 4.5mm ( US 7) , 5 mm ( US 8) and 5.5 mm ( US 9) double pointed needles and 5.5 mm (US 9) circular needles 40 cm and 60 cm (16” and 24”). Oi! It’s funny, I have 2, 3,4 and 10 dpns. So all the ones in the middle I’m missing is what I need! Another thing that makes me nervous is the circulars. I don’t use them often. If at all. I’m told they are easier than dpns. I really don’t want to mess up the sweater!

Also, obviously, I didn’t get the yarn the pattern calls for. Wool in CA? Wool is hot and scratchy and not recommended for small children so that’s out.

Sean won’t be home till tomorrow night, so I get to knit all weekend plus Monday without feeling too terribly guilty. I want to have a surprise waiting for him when he gets home anyways. Can you tell what it is?


So Sophie and I are going to take it easy. Evie wants to kick and mosh around day and night, so I will rest for the two of us. Sophie just loves to nap on top of the computer. She’s there now as a matter of fact.


And because this blog isn’t full of photos as it is, I give you last night’s dinner. Also to prove that I can feed myself even while DH is out of town. We have a delicious vegetable bird’s nest with sweet soy sauce and fire-roasted balsamic butter vegetables. Amazingly tasty. Gotta love Trader Joe’s! Don’t worry, I’ll have some protein today.



Piggle, as modeled by DH’s monkey.  I made piggle for my sons’ step-sister/ex-husband’s adopted daughter.  Families are so confusing nowadays!  At any rate, I didn’t feel comfortable posting photos of her on the net so the monkey helpfully stepped in.

Pattern: Piggle by Knitty

Yarn: Lion’s Brand Baby Soft in White

Needles: size 2  DPNs

Modifications:  120 stitches seemed huge!  I never gauge, I know I really should.  I cut the stitches down to 100 as she’s a year and a half old and the pattern says toddler to adult can wear the same size.  Not the way I knitted it.  To place the holes (which you sadly can’t see since monkey has no hair) I worked 20 stitches instead of 25 and to shape the crown and do the decrease I just sort of randomly worked with the pattern as I went along.  I did 12 rows of decreases instead of 18.  Surprisingly, even with all that, it still turned out.  I’m pretty impressed.


Now the question remains, will B wear it?  She pulls hats right off, so we figured if her hair was sticking through it will be harder to take off.

On the needles now:  a newborn hat for Evie.  I’m playing around with different stitches and generally winging it.  That means that I’ve started and restarted it at least 4 times now,  but at least I’m learning how different stitches go together.  Also my MIL’s scarf.  I haven’t felt like picking it up lately.

 The Park

The boys and I enjoyed the cooler weather and took off to the park yesterday, after a quick stop at the farmer’s market for watermelon honey.


When the boys were younger, strangers would ask me if they had different fathers.  I always thought that was pretty rude, I’d never ask a perfect stranger something so personal!  But to answer once and for all, yes, they do.  Drew got my fair skin and freckles.  He’s such a wild child, class clown, noisy little boy.  He makes me laugh hysterically.  He had a rougher time with the divorce, being younger.  He has a lot of emotional growing to do.

He also has a difficult time comparing himself to Zane.  Zane is a genius.  Quite literally.  It’s hard for Andrew because his brother is so smart and witty and charming.  Drew needs to find his place and who he is and stop trying to be like his brother.  I pray it happens soon, it’s too hard to go through life as it is without feeling like you aren’t measuring up.  Compared to kids his age, Drew is very smart – farther ahead in reading than anyone in his class.  He makes up jokes on the fly.  I wish he could see his good things, more than he sees his bad.


Zane is much more photogenic – in that he will stand still for a photo.  So I generally have more of him.  He got his daddy’s darker skin and hair.  He’s going into 3rd grade on the 20th.  Where did the time go?!  It used to be when I was talking about my baby I was talking about him.  Now “baby” means the one in my tummy.  Zane is a terrific big brother, he was talking to Evie and telling her to hurry and be born so he could read to her and teach her to read and how to do baby sign language.  He’s very sensitive and it is difficult to be the the smart sensitive boy.  He is a yellow belt in Kung Fu so at least he can protect himself if the bullies pick on him.  His step-mother teaches at his school and she says his 3rd grade class is full of little boys just like him.  I’m relieved, last year it was all little jocks who didn’t seem to want to play with him.  I hope this year will bring him a lot of new friends.



Ta-da!  Monkey is finally done!  Seems like this took forever!  Probably only about a week of knitting here and there, but still…

They turned out too big.  Not huge slipping off the foot big, but still a bit too big.  They are pretty comfy at least.


Pattern: Monkey by Knitty

Yarn:  Chocolate Cherry by Soxx Appeal

Size 2 DPNs

Next time, if there is a next time, I would either go down a size or two in needles or cut down on the stitches.

I think socks are off my list for awhile.  Something about it annoys me.  I haven’t figured out what yet.   For now I am working on Piggie, also by Knitty for my sons’ step-sister…


and still cracking along on the scarf for the MIL


I bought yarn to make R2-D2 hats for the boys, so add that to the list.  First though I think I really need to finish up some things for Evie.  She will be here before we know it!


Did the glucose test today.  It wasn’t as bad as I remember from 6 years ago.  Of course, back then I had to drink orange sugar.  This time it was lemon-lime sugar.  Spent the hour knitting in the waiting area burping up lemon-lime.  Gross.  I also checked my blood pressure and it was in the 80s instead of 90s.  Im guessing it was just high the last two times because of the migraine.  I think I will go and check it again tomorrow.  My hands and feet are swollen and I know that is a sign of pre-eclampsia.  Course, it’s also a sign of pregnancy so who knows.

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