Well, I really did disappear didn’t I?  Things have been hectic, I never thought I would not have time for the computer.  Let alone knitting.  I haven’t knit in so long I almost forgot how.  Very sad.

This was a few months ago.  She definitely has grown out of her ugly baby stage.  She is crawling and cruising and has no teeth as of yet.  Still nursing!  I’m so happy about that after all the problems we had been having.  She definitely has a personality.  Such a determined strong willed lil thing.  And very very smart.  I forsee lots of struggles with this one.  She’s also the fussiest child I ever met.

This was Father’s Day.  The boys just adore their sister.  They are great helpers, sometimes I don’t know what I would do if they weren’t here to entertain her.

My husband Sean and Zane playing ball.  Sean is such a great stepdad, after all his worrying, it turns out he needn’t have worried at all.  And his is amazingly gentle and careful with Evie.

Zane is incredibly smart.  He reads faster than I do.  He was in the chess club last year and reads at college level.  Not bad for a 9 year old.  He’s really into Star Wars and Doctor Who.  He wants to be a Dalek for Halloween.

Drew played baseball this year.  He’s a very very sensitive boy and still trying to figure out how to get out from under his brother’s shadow.  He’s a comedian and is always telling me random facts from history and animals.

I’d write more but Ms Fussypants is well… fussing.  Hope everyone is well!