Good but scary!

Some numbers:








So the 38 week appointment went well.  We did an ultrasound; we were concerned since the boys had been 8 and a half pounds at 36 weeks so we wanted to check Evie out.   Turns out she is only 6 pounds, 6 ounces.  I was utterly shocked, I didn’t know I could make small babies!

Next was checking the cervix.  I had gotten checked yesterday*, so I wasn’t expecting anything.  He says, “well you’re at 1 cm.  I helped you out a little.”  Damn I was wondering why that hurt so much.  “We’ll induce on Monday, the 10th”.  Fantastic!

We did a non-stress test thingie, since I’d been having contractions and he wanted to make sure Evie was doing alright.  She moved like crazy and everything looked good.  She may turn out to be a very hyperactive child!

Out to the office to make an appointment for Thursday for another non-stress test thingie.  And oops I thought my water broke!  Turns out it was the mucus plug.  Cool but gross.  Never had that happen before.  And I’ve been having much harder contractions since then, about every 4 minutes.  He wants me to call when they are 50-90 seconds long, so far they aren’t.  I suppose they are just mostly annoying.

So for now all I can do is rest and wait.  I havent been sleeping so it’s making things difficult, I’d like to be well rested to go into labor.

Only 6 more days, lets hope she comes on the 10th and not the 11th.  I would be sad.  I’m also freaking out a bit cause I’m not completely packed and I am not sure I’m ready!  Funny, cause all I’ve wanted for 9 months was to get pregnancy over with, but it seems a bit too real now!

*Yesterday:  I have been having high blood pressure and the lab lost my results.  I felt extremely dizzy yesterday and I was worried something was wrong.  The Dr on call sent me to the maternity ward to check things out.  3 hours later I’m sent home with a clean bill of health.  No pre-eclampsia.  Baby looks fantastic. Contractions are regular but cervix wasn’t dialated.   Go home and rest, we aren’t sure why you’re dizzy.