As promised, a pedicure photo. I have to say, I didn’t pick this color and I wouldn’t next time. It’s nice but not what I wanted. Also, I hadn’t noticed till I saw this photo, she messed up! That’s not like her at all. Oh well, I can’t see my toes anyways.


Here’s my big ol’ belly. 36 weeks! Only a few more to go. Can you see those freckles? They used to be next to my bellybutton. And aren’t those stretch marks sexy? Sigh.
















36 weeks
Wedding Photos






I am so excited,I found my disc with the wedding photos. 36 weeks ago we got married. I’m thrilled to be able to share thes, so hard to pick just a few. All photos courtesy of the amazing Chris Weeks.


We were married in Las Vegas, at the Excalibur. We did a medival wedding, everyone dressed up in costume, it was so much fun! We’re such geeks, Sean did a black knight in honor of Monty Python.




I cried! I never used to cry. It was mildly embarassing. But this is a good photo to show off the sleeves. This dress was so heavy and intricate. It didn’t fit great, but it was so pretty.







Almost everyone got a costume. My mom and sister were my maid of honor and bridesmaid. My Aunt and Uncle didn’t get costumes, but they weren’t in the wedding.




Isn’t he handsome! That is a real chainmail hood-thingie. It was extremely heavy and barely fit. But he wore it anyways.

















Aren’t those great! Besides the baby, these are some of the best memories I’ll have of our wedding 😀  Take a moment to visit Chris Weeks, one of the most amazing photographers ever. You won’t regret it.