I’ve been getting migraines for as long as I can remember.  At least the last 15 years.  But they’ve never been as often as during this pregnancy.  Evidently thats fairly common, what with all the hormones and such.  I get them daily.  Most times I can work around them and ignore them.  Saturday night I felt a great one coming.  By Sunday afternoon I was crosseyed and crying in pain.  When it gets bad my doctor sends me into the ER for a shot.  What shot depends on the doctor there at the time.  Some use Demerol, others Morphine, others still use Stadol.  Then there’s the anti-naseau shot, and that varies too.  Last night was a demerol/zofran combo.  Zofran is so much better than phenergan for me, phenergan sometimes induces restless legs and there isn’t much worse than doped up and restless legs.  You are almost asleep but for the restless legs.  It’s annoying and frustrating.

I don’t know why but this shot woke me up.  Almost hyper.  Yet still asleep.  To make matters worse I only got 3 or 4 hours sleep and my head is still killing me.  I think I slept less last night than normally.  With a shot!  Frustrating.  Maybe I’ll get some sleep today.  I still feel awful dopey and exhausted.  Plus the migraine.  Fun.

My 36 week appointment is tomorrow.  We’d talked about doing an ultrasound this week since the baby was measuring big at the last one and the boys were both almost 9 pounds 2 weeks early.  Between this and all these migraines I’m hoping we’ll induce in 2 weeks.  That would be perfectly ok with me.  More than ok.

Also I get to have a pedicure tomorrow.  It’s not something I normally do but at this point when I can barely see my feet, and knowing they are going to be up in stir-ups soon, I think it will be nice to have a flash of color.

Today is the boys’ first day at their new school.  They are super excited.  Andrew’s step-mom is his first grade teacher.  It will be interesting to see how that goes.  Zane is in 3rd grade and there are two other boys with glasses this year in his class.  He finds that very exciting.  I am very encouraged by the parents and students I’ve met so far.  After a fairly disasterous year at their old school, for both of them, I have high hopes this year.

In knitting news, I have been searching around for what to knit next.  I dunno if it was the migraine or lack of interest but I started and frogged 4 things this weekend.  A hat, a scarf, a sweater and… something else, possibly a different hat.  Since I’m not on my regular computer but the one in DH’s office/Evie’s nursery, I figured I’d save my searches and ideas here.  It might be helpful to anyone out there that has read this far as well.

Free Knitting Patterns across the web

f.pea’s free pattern fridays – 15 awesome free patterns, including seamless baby sweaters.

angel lace baby cap

top down seamless baby raglan

baby’s tied shrug from prima

 halweh from magknits

easy baby cardigan 

icutie – without the apple insignia this could be cute!

presto chango baby sweater

quick baby sweater 

one piece baby sweater

seamless neck down cardigan 

shower’s this weekend baby sweater – with some adaptation, this could also be cute.  kinda a blank template!

stegosaurus hat and scarf – a newborn dino for halloween!

magknits swing thing sweater

I guess it’s fairly obvious I’m trying to do baby things before Evie gets here.  Also, I hate seaming.  With a passion.  I have some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (or some such) that I can’t wait to use.

Also, DH has mycrazyroomate.com bookmarked.  It’s funny, this guy hates his roommate as much as I hate mine.  His is just more amusing.