Pattern: Elann’s pinwheel sweater, kid-sized for Evie

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in white, beige, chocolate, taupe, mustard, honey and rust.

Modifications: Quite a few actually. I didn’t do the provisional cast-on, I did a technique called “afterthought heel” in some circles. You can read about that here. I also changed the sleeves, Ending in a stockinette stitch instead of the ribbing, because I liked the way it looked on rippedoffknitter‘s sweater. I also castoff the sleeves with one row of beige. I thought it looked nice.

pinwheel arm1

What I learned: Also a lot! This was my first circular project so I got over my silly fear about those crazy circ needles. I learned how to adapt a pattern to knowledge I already had. I learned i-cording!

pinwheel trimming closeup


What I will do different next time: Not use 7 colors! It’s too busy for my tastes. I would like to do a nice purple/pink/grey next time around. If I ever make one for me instead of my unborn daughter, I would like to use the beige/chocolate/taupe. Maybe some rust too.

pinwheel trimming

This really was a terrific project for instant gratification. You start out with a lovely pinwheel design and change colors often. It’s hard to be bored!


I started Monday August 13th around 6pm and finished Friday August 17th around 10pm. Of course I didn’t knit constantly and I’ve been extremely sick all week, but that’s a fast project. My husband didn’t put it down last night, he told me how proud of me he was and how great it looked and what an artist I am, etc. That’s a good feeling. I can’t wait for photos of Evie in her new jacket. I’m ready for her to be born!

pinwheel finished