DH Sean got home Monday night, sick and tired but happy to be home. Even happier when he discovered his surprise R2D2 beanie waiting for him! Doesn’t he look happy? Awwww, He wore it all day yesterday in 100 degree heat. Insane.

Andrew helped Sean put together Evie’s playpen basinette yesterday. He’s so excited, he wants his little sister now!


Now I’ve caught DH’s sinus infection. So completely miserable, and every day has been worse than the last. I’m so so sick all I want to do is lie down, but when I do, all the mucus congeals in my head and hurts and I can’t breathe and waahhh! (Hey if you can’t rant and complain on your own blog, where can you?)

Speaking of blogs, while I was taking a hot steam-your-sinuses shower this morning, I was thinking I might start a blog just for Evie, where far off family could keep tabs and such. Does anyone out there have a blog just for their babies? Care to share it? How is that working for you?

One thing helping me stay sane is the lovely pinwheel sweater. I just love this pattern and the browns and yellows are rather soothing. Plus the clover needles I got feel sooooooo much better than my old icky aluminum. I highly recommend spending the extra money and treating yourself.

pinwheel closeup

pinwheel start

I’ve almost got one sleeve done, and about 13 more rows for the body. I totally did it out of order, cause I thought I was done with the body. Luckily I hadn’t done the binding off yet, cause I was confused on the Loopy edge. Still am actually.

Bonus photo: Here’s me in my sick 8 month pregnant glory. Sean snuck a photo in and the green light that comes on for auto focus is so incredibly bright, I thought the rapture had come! Nice goofy photo.