Here it is, in all it’s glory! Yes, I look goofy. The pattern is a combination of a craftster and megaknits pattern. I also used white instead of the called-for grey. Grey just doesn’t look right to me.


It’s too big for my head, which is great since it’s for my husband. I wanted to get it done while he is out of town and he will be home in about 2 hours so good timing! I just need to stick it on his head and see if I need to pick up even more stitches for his huge head before I seam it up.

Now I need to make one for me and the boys!

The yarn was Vanna’s Choice – I’m no yarn snob!  And this was nice to work with actually – except the red which was just some scrap yarn.  I’d say this took about 20ish hours to do.

This was my second attempt at this hat actually. The first one was a complete disaster. My first attempt at intrasiam and I failed miserably. I also tried to knit it entirely in the round. I also used random yarns of different ply and size.


It doesn’t even fit helper monkey! It came out lumpy and misshapen.

r2d2 monkey2

So it was definitely time to restart and do it the way it’s called for in the pattern. Here’s the restart.


So far so good! The little red eye looks like a heart for some reason.

r2d2 mid2

Sophie certainly approves.

r2d2 sophietoo

The mess of the back. My gosh, that was a lot of seaming up lose ends. Something tells me most people do it differently or no one would ever change colors.

r2d2 messy2

In other knitting news…


I went and got the needles for the pinwheel sweater. While at the LYS I couldn’t resist this yarn. It was on sale! Time to CO the pinwheel sweater and count the minutes till DH gets home!