Piggle, as modeled by DH’s monkey.  I made piggle for my sons’ step-sister/ex-husband’s adopted daughter.  Families are so confusing nowadays!  At any rate, I didn’t feel comfortable posting photos of her on the net so the monkey helpfully stepped in.

Pattern: Piggle by Knitty

Yarn: Lion’s Brand Baby Soft in White

Needles: size 2  DPNs

Modifications:  120 stitches seemed huge!  I never gauge, I know I really should.  I cut the stitches down to 100 as she’s a year and a half old and the pattern says toddler to adult can wear the same size.  Not the way I knitted it.  To place the holes (which you sadly can’t see since monkey has no hair) I worked 20 stitches instead of 25 and to shape the crown and do the decrease I just sort of randomly worked with the pattern as I went along.  I did 12 rows of decreases instead of 18.  Surprisingly, even with all that, it still turned out.  I’m pretty impressed.


Now the question remains, will B wear it?  She pulls hats right off, so we figured if her hair was sticking through it will be harder to take off.

On the needles now:  a newborn hat for Evie.  I’m playing around with different stitches and generally winging it.  That means that I’ve started and restarted it at least 4 times now,  but at least I’m learning how different stitches go together.  Also my MIL’s scarf.  I haven’t felt like picking it up lately.

 The Park

The boys and I enjoyed the cooler weather and took off to the park yesterday, after a quick stop at the farmer’s market for watermelon honey.


When the boys were younger, strangers would ask me if they had different fathers.  I always thought that was pretty rude, I’d never ask a perfect stranger something so personal!  But to answer once and for all, yes, they do.  Drew got my fair skin and freckles.  He’s such a wild child, class clown, noisy little boy.  He makes me laugh hysterically.  He had a rougher time with the divorce, being younger.  He has a lot of emotional growing to do.

He also has a difficult time comparing himself to Zane.  Zane is a genius.  Quite literally.  It’s hard for Andrew because his brother is so smart and witty and charming.  Drew needs to find his place and who he is and stop trying to be like his brother.  I pray it happens soon, it’s too hard to go through life as it is without feeling like you aren’t measuring up.  Compared to kids his age, Drew is very smart – farther ahead in reading than anyone in his class.  He makes up jokes on the fly.  I wish he could see his good things, more than he sees his bad.


Zane is much more photogenic – in that he will stand still for a photo.  So I generally have more of him.  He got his daddy’s darker skin and hair.  He’s going into 3rd grade on the 20th.  Where did the time go?!  It used to be when I was talking about my baby I was talking about him.  Now “baby” means the one in my tummy.  Zane is a terrific big brother, he was talking to Evie and telling her to hurry and be born so he could read to her and teach her to read and how to do baby sign language.  He’s very sensitive and it is difficult to be the the smart sensitive boy.  He is a yellow belt in Kung Fu so at least he can protect himself if the bullies pick on him.  His step-mother teaches at his school and she says his 3rd grade class is full of little boys just like him.  I’m relieved, last year it was all little jocks who didn’t seem to want to play with him.  I hope this year will bring him a lot of new friends.