I have to say, this pregnancy sure feels tons better than the last two.  It’s gone by so fast, probably because I haven’t had to be on bedrest the whole time.

The migraine thing has gotten much worse.  I’ve had them since I was 13 or so, but I’m having them nearly daily now.  Sunday it got so bad I had to go into the ER and get a shot.  I’m still quite dopey so a nap isn’t far off.  Unfortunately this meant no knitting progress this weekend.

Our appointment this morning was mixed.  Evie looks and sounds good.  Mommy needs to drink more water.  Mommy also somehow forgot to do the glucose test and the lab forgot to do the cystic fibrosis test.  So I need to do those asap.   The 36 week appointment we will schedule an ultra-sound and if Evie is still measuring big we will hopefully induce about 38 weeks.  At most I have 6 weeks to go, hurray!

Insomnia is still being a pain, and this itchiness!  I was not itchy with the boys, but lately it’s all I can do not to scratch till I bleed.  I don’t remember itchiness being a pregnancy thing.  So weird.  It’s driving me insane.

My mother-in-law said I looked bigger today than I did last Thursday.  I have gained 36 pounds this pregnancy.  Even if I eat continuously I won’t gain as much as I did with the boys.

Last night between dozing (and even with a big shot of Demerol I can’t sleep!) I was thinking of things I need to do within the month.  We have no diapers.  Some size 2 and 3 my brother gave us, but no newborns.  We need a first aid kit and a nursery kit with clippers and nose suckers, etc.  The car seat and stroller need to be unboxed and put together.  I need to pack a bag for the hospital.  I need a new body pillow.  I would really like to knit a going-home outfit, but I haven’t found one I liked.  Suggestions welcome!  I need to finish her mittens so she can’t scratch up her face.  She needs some kind of bed, I want to co-sleep but our bed is rather small and DH is really nervous about the baby being in bed so I need something to put next to the bed.  The carseat may be her bed till we can afford a playpen/cradle.  I want to get some side-snap outfits.     I need some toiletries still.  Whenever that all starts to feel overwhelming I remind myself that the only real necessities are the carseat and diapers.

On another note, DH really splurged and went to see The Simpsons Movie.  It was exciting and weird at the same time.  I’ve been waiting for this movie for like… 20 years!  I really really enjoyed it and it was nice to go out together.  I know we won’t get much of a chance when Evie is born.  Although we could have been like the couple who brought their baby to the movie.  She stood in the back and rocked this screaming child, shushing it, through the entire movie.  I take that back, she finally – 5 minutes before the movie was over – took the baby outside.  WTF people!  This weekend reminded me why I rarely leave the house unless I need to.  People are stupid and inconsiderate.  Also I am continuously suprised at what movies people take kids to.  I wouldn’t take a 4 or 5 year old to The Simpsons.  Just because it’s a cartoon doesn’t mean it’s for kids.  Let’s not even discuss how many small children I remember seeing at the South Park movie.

Enough, I sound like an old lady.