August 2007

knitna krd

This gave me a giggle, but really, have you tried knitting while naked? Don’t your breasts get in the way? Or is that just me being 9 months pregnant?

Thanks everyone who has commented lately, it’s given me something to smile about. I try to go back to everyone’s blogs, because I have no idea how to directly reply to anyone. I know it’s possible but it seems to escape me. Any tips?

I’ve finished the body of the seamless yoke baby sweater.

(funny stuff, I did a search for the link, on the office computer, had a typo and got this:
Did you mean: shameless york baby sweat? Why no, not really. I don’t even want to know what that means!)

Anyways, the sweater is cute. I messed up a bit on the end, but all that means is it’s a bit longer than it should be. The directions just kinda assume you know how many rows are between buttons and such. Also um, I did the sleeves differently, using my favorite way of doing sleeves. I’m not sure it will work. And then there’s the fact that I ran out of yarn and I don’t have $8 to get more. Or money for buttons. So I have a sleeveless cape type thing! It’s cute none-the-less. And a good way to occupy myself during this miserable week.


It just looks wrong though doesn’t it? I mean besides the fact that there’s no arms. And it needs blocking. I dunno, I’m getting stressed, it looks funky! I feel I should frog it, what do you think?


Closeup of bottom details and buttonholes. I love the yarn, debbie bliss cashmerino. But it just looks wrong! Am I crazy?

So way back a month ago I started some thumbless no-scratch mittens for Evie (who am I kidding, all I make is things for Evie!) Well I didn’t finish them because I just was iffy on the yarn and the colors. Last night after the Princess Leia bonnet finished I started on a new set of mittens. I haven’t bought any for her and I realize I can use socks, but why do that when I can keep my mind and hands busy and just make her some?


It’s not the best yarn, Bernat softee baby. But at least it is multi-colored and will match almost all her outfits, right? All I can do is knit from my stash for awhile.

I really need to make some things for my boys. They are 8 and 6 and all I really have left in my stash is a small bit of wool and a lot of acrylic. I was thinking mittens? Any one have any ideas?

Pregnancy stuff

I thought I was in back labor last night. It was terrible. I tried to take a shower but some godforsaken reason we didn’t have any water pressure. WHY? DH has carpal tunnel, he did his best to do some massage but he was in a lot of pain too. I tried to just go to sleep between the contractions that are constant (which, I dunno, do you have contractions during back labor? In the front I mean?) but not in any pattern whatsoever. I got into bed around 930, knew it was a bad idea, and sure enough the restless legs kicked in. All I wanted to do was call the doctor and demand he take this baby out! Luckily I stayed sane and just tried to get through the night. I got an hour or two of sleep, woke up to knit and watch hell’s kitchen (don’t tell me what happens I’m not caught up yet! And was there not a new Top Chef this week?!). Kill time, kill time, kill time. Never heard back from the receptionist about my high blood pressure and swelling, and they are closed today and Monday. Well, the doctor works at a free clinic today, maybe someone will be in the office.

Tuesday looks so far off!

heat It’s a terrible photo I know but it makes the point.  It’s supposed to be 103 degrees today.  Ugh! This is my car parked in the shade.  I can’t wait for fall 😦


I just love Star Wars. It was the first movie I ever saw (of course I was a month old at the time). We used to play that our bikes were millenium falcon and that stinky kid we didn’t like was Darth Vader. I was Princess Leia, of course, being the only girl in our group of friends.

My boys, now 8 and 6, beg to watch Star Wars. They learned to play chess with Star Wars Chess. The first toy we got for Evie was Darth Tater. I desperately want the AT-AT stroller. You the see the trend, right?

So I got the crazy idea to make a baby bonnet for Evie that looked like Princess Leia. As I lie awake at night wishing for sleep these are the strange things that go through my head. A few days later and we have her Princess Leia Baby Bonnet.


Modeled by the ever helpful but unfortunately not baby-sized helper monkey.

Pattern: My Own, I’ll try to write it out if anyone is interested.

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in chocolate. Since it was a trial I don’t mind using leftover acrylic yarn.

Needles: Size 6 straights and size 4 DPNs for the buns.


I used ribbon to tie it, but I think I’d prefer an i-cord.

My husband asked what I was making last night. When I told him, he just rolled his eyes. Of course, he’s the one who hasn’t stopped wearing this, even in 100+ degree weather.


Pregnancy News: Still waiting to hear about the blood test results. I had high blood pressure and swelling, so we did more tests. I called today and they were going to look for the results. I guess if they were worried they’d be a little more… worried? It’s a 4 day weekend for them, so I hope everything was alright. I guess we will find out tuesday morning at our 38 week appointment. Edit: the receptionist called just as I got done typing. She can’t get the lab on the phone. I tell her about my very swollen hands and feet and that I’m a tad worried, she’s going to try again to get someone on the phone cause they haven’t gotten the results. We shall see.

Warning, this is nothing but me bitching and complaining and has no redeeming value whatsoever. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The doctor was delivering a baby (lucky her) so he was a little late. My blood pressure was high, but I think that has a lot to do with the constant migraines. The heartbeat sounded alright, I guess. He never really comments much on anything. I flat out asked about induction and he said it was up to me. I’m thinking – well how is NOW for you? I said with all the problems I’m having, hell yeah I’m ready to have the baby. He said he definitely wants to induce me in the next few weeks. *sigh* That really sounds very long.

The he reminds me that we want to stop the pain medication, and will I be alright with that? I guess DH made a face cause the doctor pointed out that it looks like DH is worried about that. What was I supposed to say, you’re not gonna prescribe it, so I’ll have to be ok, right? I can suffer through migraines, I have been the whole time. Just pile on more misery doc.

I wasn’t dialated, at all. He said he can’t do much till the cervix is working for us. Great, I think, nothing on or in my body works properly and that’s what we’re waiting for? Why am I having contractions every 10 minutes day and night if it isn’t doing anything for my cervix?
I asked him about doing the ultrasound because she’s been measuring big and two weeks in a row now he’s said we’d “do it next week, remind me next week”. Lo and behold, “I’m running behind and I want to do it properly and take time with it, let’s make sure we do it next week.”

I had both boys at 37 and a half weeks. Maybe I was just spoiled.

So, I start crying. A stop in the restroom to collect myself then go out to make the appointment for next week. She’s got some bloodwork ordered for me to do. I guess they are worried about pre-eclampsia. The doctor didn’t say anything about it.

Oh and did I mention I gained 3 pounds since last week?!

We walk out to the car and DH says, “so I guess you’re going to be depressed now?” I’m sure he didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but it sounded like “great, you’re gonna be even more than a handful now, right?” Then he says, “It sounded good to me, maybe I didn’t hear it right. He did say he wanted to induce in a few weeks. That’s good right?”

I did cry all the way home. I felt silly, I felt like apologizing, but I’m not sure why I should have to. I realize that a few weeks isn’t long, I guess I was just hoping to have a plan. That and even with that migraine shot yesterday, I only slept 3 hours last night. I’m so exhausted. And in pain. And constant non-productive contractions.

Did the blood work and the urine sample right away. I was thinking, well maybe if there’s a sign of pre-eclampsia we’ll have the baby sooner and it would be silly to not go do the test right away. Sick, right?

I am utterly depressed. I have a history of depression so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. And it’s fairly normal for hugely pregnant women to be depressed. But still, it’s rough. I can’t even curl up in a ball and sleep without restless legs kicking in. What good is depression if you can’t sleep through it?

At least Evie is healthy. I should be really thankful for that and stop bitching and moaning.

I’m done.

37 weeks tomorrow and until… last Friday or so I was coping.  But 4 days straight of what is probably the worst migraine ever, restless legs, incredibly swollen feet, unable to sleep, peeing every 20 minutes… etcetcetc… I’m just miserable.  More than miserable really.

Are you tired of hearing about my migraines?  I know poor DH is.  It’s nothing new for me to have migraines; I’ve had  them since I was 13 or 14.   But not daily!

I have done everything I can for this one.  My next stop will have to be the ER for another shot.  What fun.  So I’m killing time, waiting to see if DH can get some time off work to drive me up the hill to the ER.  I may break down and have my roommate take me, but I really really don’t want to do that.  I don’t really care much for him and being stuck in the car with him for an hour with a migraine sounds miserable.

Evie needs to be born so I can take my migraine medicine.  I don’t know how much longer I can deal with all this.  3 weeks I guess, right?  A few days ago that didn’t seem so long.  I know I’m not the only pregnant woman with migraines.  How the hell do you deal with this?  You’d think the third time around I’d have gotten a grasp on this.  It just gets worse each time.

I can’t lay down and rest or the restless legs really act up.  It’s almost tolerable if I’m sitting up.  I’d love to lay down and rest my poor head but I can’t.  So I started knitting this seamless yoke cardigan.  Ever seen someone miserable knitting?  I bet it looks fairly amusing.    It’s a fun pattern, not too difficult for a broken brain.  I’m using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino; the tiny stitches and very soft yarn gives me a very nice sense of accomplishment.



And it takes my mind off wanting to cut off my head.

Good news! The boys had reading placement tests this week, to see what groups they should be in. I was a tad worried about Andrew, he can read but he never showed us how well till this week. My little 1st grader is reading at a level most 3rd graders read halfway through the year. His teacher/stepmom said he only missed two words, one was frightening and… I can’t remember the other. Andrew was telling Evie (or more accurately, my tummy) that she needs to be born soon, he’s ready to teach her how to read!

Zane, no one was worried about him. He’s been reading since he was one. Yes, one. Amazing stuff. He was very proud to tell me that even though he is in 3rd grade he reads better than most 11th graders. That’s right, Zane reads at a level almost 3 times higher than what he should. I am one proud mommy!

boys Smart AND cute!

They come home from their Daddy’s house tomorrow. I can’t wait. I miss them while they are gone. Never thought I would be one of those people sharing kids and having to schedule all that mess. But we’re all a LOT happier now.

Pregnancy News

Not much to report really. I had a lot of contractions yesterday, for an hour there it was every 5 minutes. Evie is such a tease. I wasn’t too excited cause I knew it is still a tad early at 36 weeks. But they are at least every hour or so, if not more often. I could have this baby now and be perfectly happy.

Heartburn has been a bitch and a half this week. I never had it with the boys!

The same thing with morning sickness. I threw up once with Andrew and never with Zane. I threw up twice this week alone! Whoever said morning sickness is just for mornings and early pregnancy is NUTS! (I threw up at night and I’m 36 weeks, there goes those theories!) So many things are different about this pregnancy. I wonder if it’s cause it is a girl this time, or cause it’s a different daddy or just cause I’m 30 instead of in my 20s. Maybe a combination of all 3.

Still have a migraine, but after 6 months straight, I dunno, I kinda get used to it I guess?

Evie’s nursery is pretty much done. I’d repainted a few months ago from ugly bright brick red to a pretty mint green. I washed all her clothes and sorted them into age groups. I got a rocking chair, boppy pillow, changing table, basinette (for our room) newborn diapers. All that’s really left is to move the furniture and move sophie’s litterbox and food. I need to pack my suitcase and get some lanolin and nursing pads. Every time I think I’m all ready I realize there is more to do!

Have you seen these nursing covers? i got one as a gift yesterday! The woman who did my pedicure and I were talking about nursing and she asked me if I had one, I said no, I’ll just use my baby sling (which I am dying to use, hurry up Evie!). I guess she really likes them cause she brought me a very cool orange one! What a nice surprise. The pattern is sadly not on that site(though the ones that are there are just as great), but it is so awesome I plan to use it for something else once Evie is done nursing.
Knitting News

I’m working on a secret surprise. It’s nothing spectacular, but I don’t want to share till it’s done cause if it doesn’t work or looks silly I’ll be embarassed!

I also got yarn for another pinwheel sweater.


The “white” is really more of a grey, so it will be a pretty grey/purple/pink for Evie. If I need more yarn, I’ll finish it with some of the cream that is left over from the first pinwheel I made.

As promised, a pedicure photo. I have to say, I didn’t pick this color and I wouldn’t next time. It’s nice but not what I wanted. Also, I hadn’t noticed till I saw this photo, she messed up! That’s not like her at all. Oh well, I can’t see my toes anyways.


Here’s my big ol’ belly. 36 weeks! Only a few more to go. Can you see those freckles? They used to be next to my bellybutton. And aren’t those stretch marks sexy? Sigh.
















36 weeks
Wedding Photos






I am so excited,I found my disc with the wedding photos. 36 weeks ago we got married. I’m thrilled to be able to share thes, so hard to pick just a few. All photos courtesy of the amazing Chris Weeks.


We were married in Las Vegas, at the Excalibur. We did a medival wedding, everyone dressed up in costume, it was so much fun! We’re such geeks, Sean did a black knight in honor of Monty Python.




I cried! I never used to cry. It was mildly embarassing. But this is a good photo to show off the sleeves. This dress was so heavy and intricate. It didn’t fit great, but it was so pretty.







Almost everyone got a costume. My mom and sister were my maid of honor and bridesmaid. My Aunt and Uncle didn’t get costumes, but they weren’t in the wedding.




Isn’t he handsome! That is a real chainmail hood-thingie. It was extremely heavy and barely fit. But he wore it anyways.

















Aren’t those great! Besides the baby, these are some of the best memories I’ll have of our wedding 😀  Take a moment to visit Chris Weeks, one of the most amazing photographers ever. You won’t regret it.



I love futurama, if for no other reason than it gives me great blog titles.  I’m now at 36 weeks.  Still have a migraine.  The appointment today went well, if not faster than I’d like.  I guess I got used to having a midwife with the boys.  She would sit down during our appointment and actually look at me and talk to me and ask if I had questions and not make me feel rushed.  As much as I like my doctor as a person, and his bedside manner is definitely not the worst I’ve ever seen, I still feel a tad rushed.

We did the test you do for whatever infection at 36 weeks.  Like I said, it was rushed, but I do remember doing it with the boys.  If you have the infection they put you on antibotics before the birth.

We talked about my migraines and he referred me to a nuerologist and refilled Vicodin.  I’ve been to this neurologist and he’s probably got the award for worst bedside manner.  I asked the receptionist to hold off on the referal, I’m sure the migraines will be better after Evie is born and my hormones settle down.

We planned an ultrasound for next week.  Evie was measuring big a few weeks ago at the last ultrasound, and since the boys were big, hopefully we can have Evie sooner than September 18th.  A big baby + migraines should = inducing early in my book.  At this point where I’ve had a migraine daily for the last 6 months or so, I’m all for having the baby early.

I stopped on the way home to take some photos at the overlook.  My doctor is a half an hour up the hill from me and the view is lovely.



Now for some less artsyphotos.

The boys had their first day of school yesterday.  They had a blast and so far like it so much better than their old school.  classroom

Books for Zane in 3rd grade.  Sean and I laughed to ourself about the cursive book.  You learn cursive, use it for 3 or 4 years then never really use it again.  Zane has been reading since he was 1 and the only way to hide things was to write in cursive.  I guess that is out now.


This year Zane can chose an elective.  He was thinking about music or drama.  And after school he was thinking about dropping kung fu – which he’s done for 2 years now – and being in the chess club.  Sometimes I really worry that he is going to be teased and beat up.  He’s too smart and sensitive for his own good.  The teeny girl in pink behind him is his step-sister.


This is Zane’s teacher this year.  Pregnancy brain attacks!  I can’t remember her name.  She was very nice and he really seems to like her so far.


Drew’s classroom theme this year is handy helper.  Here he is cutting out his hand.  It was very amusing to see 3 or 4 parents actually cut out their child’s hand for them.  Amusing and sickening.  By the time your child is in 1st grade it is definitely time to step back and let them tie their own shoes and wipe their own bottoms.


Drew’s first grade teacher is also his step-mother.  Funny how much they look alike!  But trust me, he’s definitely my child!  I have been very blessed that my ex-husband had such great taste, Kristi is the sweetest kindest woman I have ever met.  We get along great and her being part of the family has allowed us to stay a family.  The ex and I cannot talk, at all.  If it weren’t for her, visitation and child rearing would be a daily struggle.  We’re all really excited that Drew has her for a teacher.


The school mascot wandering around the campus.

It’s time to go get a pedicure!

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