What a busy busy weekend.  I’m exhausted.


Blossom is going… mostly well.  It’s going to need some serious blocking since I guess I haven’t learned how to knit without it curling up yet.  I also think I got the ribbing done on the wrong side, but I don’t feel like starting it all over unless I absolutely have to.   And the only people who will know it’s wrong are you and me.  I won’t tell if you don’t.  My only complaint is it is a bit tedious since it’s mostly all just stockinette and garter stitch.

blossom close up

I think it’s turning out alright however.

zane knitting

Zane has been wanting to learn how to knit so this weekend we worked on casting on.  Next time I think I will just cast on for him and teach him the knitting because he was getting discouraged.  At least he learned how to do a slip knot.  Every little boy should know that!

cast on monkey

Here’s Monkey being cast on.  I like how it is striping up.  I like these colors together.  Monkey has been a bit neglected for Blossom, but I’ll get to it!

packed sophie

Poor Sophie, she misses the boys so much when they go to daddy’s house.  She tried to pack herself.

pizza evan

I got to babysit my nephew Evan this weekend.  He weighs about 24lbs.  I’m 7 and a half months pregnant.  My back was killing me!  But he is so adorable.  Here he is passing out during lunch.